Sarah Levy, BA Philosophy, Clare College, University of Cambridge

‍"Before starting, I had some concerns that I knew very little about the investment industry, but the team were really supportive. The presentation at the end was a rewarding experience, which has given me confidence to engage in financial discussions and for future internships. The focus on sustainability has given me depth of knowledge in one of the fundamental trends impacting finance and business.”

Robert MacLennan, MPhil, Economic Research, St John’s College, University of Cambridge

"As someone interested in specialising as an environmental economist in the future, my sustainable investment internship with UCIM was invaluable. It was great to see what sustainability looks like in practice, gaining insight on the opportunities and challenges of working in the private sector; and supplementing my economics degree by giving me a broader understanding of the investment world.”

Mafe Akinyemi, Masters in Economics and Finance, University of Bath

"I developed an alert to notify the team when our major public equity fund managers announced climate-related items in their annual general meeting agendas so we could discuss voting decisions at an early stage. The internship allowed me to see the creativity and intellectual curiosity needed to be a great investor which I will take forward with me into my career. It’s fulfilling to know that the projects I worked hard on will have a lasting impact at UCIM.”

Rebecca Lu, Accounting and Finance, University of Edinburgh

"My project was to measure carbon emission in private equity firms, which I presented to the team at the end of the internship. Working with the UCIM team really enhanced my interest and determination to enter the investment industry.”