How we invest

Investment strategy

UCIM operates an unconstrained, global, multi-asset portfolio. UCIM’s strategy is to invest through what we believe are best-in-class, specialist, third-party fund managers, to access asset classes and geographies that will outperform passive investments over time.

The Fund is diversified over five broad asset classes: Public Equity, Private Equity, Absolute Return and Credit, Real Assets, and Fixed Interest/Cash.

The strategy aims to meet the CUEF's long-term objective to achieve returns of 5% in excess of the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”), net of fees; and to fund distributions to investors of approximately 4% of the net asset value of the Endowment per year.

What we look for

We identify third-party fund managers based on the following criteria:

(i) A repeatable source of investment insight or “edge” that can deliver investment out-performance over the long-term;

(ii) A disciplined and consistent investment process;

(iii) A team that is sufficiently well-resourced, experienced and talented to deliver against (i) and (ii);

(iv) Terms which are aligned with the interests of the CUEF and its investors;

(v) A willingness to work with UCIM to deliver the CUEF’s sustainability goals and;

(vi) The highest possible levels of personal integrity.

The Investment Advisory Board provides feedback on investment strategy and portfolio management to the Chief Investment Officer and investment team.

UCIM abides by core investment principles which drive our decision-making.

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Prospective Partners

Long-term asset managers with a committment to our net zero ambitions should approach UCIM by completing this form.

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