Elaina Elzinga, CFA, is a Principal in Investments at the Wellcome Trust, overseeing their Absolute Return and Climate strategies. Wellcome is a global charity, headquartered in the UK, that is committed to improving human health and that is funded from a diverse, unconstrained portfolio of over £37 billion.

Elaina leads the Absolute Return team, where she is responsible for Wellcome’s investments in hedge funds with low equity market beta and other uncorrelated assets. She also has a strong interest in the energy transition and sustainability, and oversees the Investment team’s initiatives on climate, including their roadmap to net zero, and their broader work on stewardship.

In addition to the CUETB role, Elaina is a Non-Executive Director of the FTSE 250 Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust, which invests in European wind and solar assets. She was previously an Investment Committee member for Newnham College, Cambridge, where she read her undergraduate degree in History.

Before she joined Wellcome in 2010, Elaina worked in both Investment Banking and Investment Management at Goldman Sachs. Elaina lives in Kent with her husband and three daughters.