In Nigeria, people are aware of quick-acting, endemic diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, but there is little public knowledge or policy focused on the risk of metabolic diseases. The rate of obesity is rising fast in many African countries, which increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, muscle and skeletal disorders as well as some types of cancer.

My PhD research interest is in the mechanisms by which gut hormones control body weight and blood sugar levels. I think that developing treatments that modulate gut hormone signalling could provide the key to combatting the obesity epidemic. Cambridge is advancing this area of research through its Institute of Metabolic Science (“IMS”).

"My dream for the future would be to take knowledge home with me to help combat the metabolic disease challenge in Nigeria, working with collaborators to set up a similar institute dedicated to conducting high-quality research into these diseases and identifying targets for the development of therapies. I am honoured to be part of the Gates Cambridge community, and my continued studies wouldn’t be possible without the programme and the endowed funding."

Coming here was the first time I’d left Nigeria, and I’m the first in my family to study for a PhD and to study abroad.